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NCADV's monthly advocacy webinars explore emerging issues, insights, best practices, and research from leaders in the domestic violence field. Each webinar offers an opportunity to improve your professional skillset and knowledge base with detailed, hands-on video training, engagingly delivered to you without having to leave your desk.

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NCADV's upcoming webinars are as follows:

Estimating the Impact of Domestic Violence on Local Communities in a Post-COVID Environment



June 4th at 3:30pm EST

Link coming soon!

Presented by:
Carol Wick, CEO/Founder (Sharity, Inc.)
Ariadna Parada, Research Associate (Sharity, Inc.)

COVID-19 may be a common enemy, but it doesn’t mean everyone is experiencing it the same way, especially those trapped at home with their abusers.  

While we may not know what the future holds for COVID-19 as America reopens to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, one thing is certain, the horrifying surge of domestic violence won’t let up anytime soon. 

One of the biggest challenges for local domestic violence organizations is communicating how supporting shelters and services is not only essential for survivors and their families but also a good value for the money. This concern, of course, takes on added importance in these uncertain times. 

The ability of advocates to tell captivating stories (with compelling local data) about their community impact — and not just reuse national statistics — will be more critical than ever.

Carol Wick and her team of experts at Sharity are committed to helping DV advocates make it as simple as possible for the public — and especially funders and government officials — to see how funding programs for survivors provides an incredible return on investment. 

On the May 28th NCADV webinar, Carol and her research associate, Ariadna Parada, will walk participants through a case study they authored that shelters can use as a template to show the effect intimate partner violence has on the local economy and the value of their services beyond those individuals served. 

Do not miss this opportunity to receive hands-on ideas for how to use data to strengthen your annual reports, public awareness, and fundraising.


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