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NCADV's monthly advocacy webinars explore emerging issues, insights, best practices, and research from leaders in the domestic violence field. Each webinar offers an opportunity to improve your professional skillset and knowledge base with detailed, hands-on video training, engagingly delivered to you without having to leave your desk.

NCADV's webinars are free for NCADV Members and $75 each for Non-Members, unless stated otherwise. All webinar times are listed as Eastern Standard Time. Registration will close one business day prior to the scheduled webinar. A recording of the webinar will be sent out via a follow-up email to all paid and member registrants 1-2 business days after the webinar with a link to the recording, as well as slides and handouts. We do not permit registration for past webinars. For more information, check out the FAQ link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NCADV Webinars

NCADV's upcoming webinars are as follows:

Interpersonal Violence and Disability:
Understanding the Intersection and Making Connections 

Thursday, December 10th
1:00pm-2:30pm EST

Presented by Cynthia Amodeo and Paul Feuerstein, Barrier Free Living

This 90 minute webinar will explore the intersection of domestic violence and disability. We will begin by understanding what exactly a disability is from a social model perspective and explore how interpersonal violence affects individuals with disabilities. We will then discuss the unique challenges a person with a disability faces when in an interpersonal violence relationship including barriers to seeking safety and the impact it has on trauma. We will address how the pandemic has shifted our work as it relates to safety planning and service provision.

At the end of the series you will:
1) Understand the barriers to seeking safety for domestic violence survivors with disabilities.
2) Gain greater awareness about program modification to serve domestic violence survivors with disabilities.
3) Increase understanding about what keeps a domestic violence survivor with a disability in the relationship and how trauma impacts this decision.

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Black Women and Domestic Violence:
Continuing the Conversation 


Wednesday, December 16th
5:00pm-6:30pm EST

Moderated by Ruth Glenn, NCADV CEO/President
Vetta L. Sanders Thompson, Ph.D, MA 
Joy Ingram
Cyrena Martin

During NCADV’s 2020 National Conference, Recognizing (Y)Our Power, NCADV brought together several black women currently leading the conversation around black women and domestic violence to discuss how the #BlackLivesMatter movement shifted the conversation about the impact of domestic violence on black women. Join us for this free webinar, as we continue this critical conversation and examine the ways our movement, and society, can better support and respond to black women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence. We will engage in a moderated panel discussion with the conference plenary panelists and allow time for attendees to respond.

Original conference plenary session description:
The rallying cry for #BlackLivesMatter is louder than ever: how does that impact black women who are victims of domestic violence? It has been 20 years since the research study "African American Attitudes toward Domestic Violence and DV Assistance" was first published by the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center in 2000. Join one of the original authors of this research, alongside black women currently leading and working in the field in this powerful conversation among black women about black women. This plenary session will explore the following: how has the increased urgency and recognition of the #BlackLivesMatter movement shifted the conversation about the impact of domestic violence on black women? What attitudes toward DV services, perceptions of treatment/intervention needs, and evaluation of DV programs in the African American community have stayed the same since the research was published? Moderated by President and CEO of NCADV, this is a conversation that is not to be missed.

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