WEBINAR: The Lawyers for Victims Program Model

12/12/2019, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

No location provided

Sheba McCants


Featured Presenters: 

  • Jennifer Eyl, LPC, JD, Legal Director, Project Safeguard

Project Safeguard will join NCADV to share insights and information regarding their pilot program model called "The Lawyers for Victims Program". Project Safeguard, based in Metro Denver, Colorado, embarked on the project in 2015 as an innovative way to provide civil attorney representation to crime victims using flat-fee contracts to hire attorneys for specific, limited legal services. The model has been funded by Colorado VOCA and was expanded in 2017 to four diverse communities around Colorado, including rural areas. Additional programs across the state received funding for similar programs beginning in 2019. Project Safeguard's Legal Director will discuss the successes and challenges of the Lawyers for Victims model and help audience members determine whether this model is a good fit for their program.

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