Community Organizing

Every community is different and has individual needs. In order to develop an effective strategy against domestic violence, it is necessary to establish a community profile. The following is a step-by-step guide for doing this.

Know Your Players

Find out what is currently available in your community, who is available to help and establish or renew contacts with these individuals and organizations. domestic violence service agencies domestic violence coalitions family services/public assistance agencies women’s health centers human rights/women’s rights groups medical authorities government offices legal authorities law enforcement legislators.

Know the Problem

The goals of conducting a domestic violence needs assessment are to: establish an overview of the prevalence of domestic violence in the community; determine whether the community takes a proactive stance on domestic violence issues; find out if the community is equipped to handle existing domestic violence problems; determine areas for action.

Develop an Action Strategy

If there is access to existing domestic violence organizations and programs, there may be excellent resources. Much can be learned about domestic violence issues and strategies through collaboration with existing organizations and programs. Collaboration allows individuals and organizations to become involved with a minimal investment of development time by drawing on others’ experience. It also prevents duplication of efforts and contributes to a united front in the fight against domestic violence. Existing organizations can often help with planning and implementing a successful project.

  • assess what is needed
  • assess your time and resources
  • coordinate with other local efforts

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