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Thank you for your interest in becoming a board member of NCADV. Please know that recruitment for the Board of NCADV is a long process as the board only meets in person three times each year and by phone once a month. Please accept the board's apologies for delays and thank you for your patience.


Who is the NCADV Board?
The NCADV Board is a group of individuals representing the caucuses and constituencies of NCADV. We come together at least three times yearly (at no expense to Board Members) to conduct the organization's business. In addition, the entire Board plans, runs, and attends the seven-day biennial NCADV conference. As a working Board we expect ourselves to attend all meetings, maintain the spirit and letter of our By-laws, maintain a commitment to social justice and ensure that NCADV is able to continue to uphold its 25-year history of service to Battered Women.

What is the structure of the NCADV Board?
The NCADV Board may have up to 21 members--13 in caucus positions and 6 at large members. Priority in filling Board positions will go to ensuring that there is at least one seat for each caucus. Not having a fixed number of seats per caucus allows the Board to increase its diversity. In keeping with NCADV's commitment to give voice to organizationally underrepresented groups, the recruitment committee considers geographic, ethnic and professional diversity and caucus representation in recommending candidates to the Board. Because NCADV is dedicated to the empowerment of battered women and believes that the strength of our Movement comes from the leaders and vision of women who are battered, the February 1995 Board reached consensus on the following: That the recruitment and selection process for filling open board seats be expanded to include the policy that battered and formerly battered women fill 50 percent of the total board seats in the future and forever.

What is the Selection Process?
By applying to the NCADV Board you are offering to take on an important volunteer job, with significant responsibilities and commitments. After you complete the written application, the Board Recruitment Committee will review what you sent us with an eye to answering the following questions: Does this person offer the organizational, corporate/fiscal, board and social justice commitments needed to participate in NCADV Board work and to support NCADV's mission? Does this person fill the requirements of caucus, geographic, battered/formerly battered women representation, and skill areas that the committee is charged with meeting? Would this person's presence on the Board strengthen the ability of the Board and Staff of NCADV to carry out their responsibilities to the organization and to the Movement? Please see Responsibilities, Qualifications and Commitments sheet to give you information about what Board members are called to do. If you have other questions as you complete your application, please email the Recruitment Chair at with any questions. The Recruitment committee reviews applications monthly. Once your application is complete, you will hear from the recruitment committee within 45 days. Applicants whose written materials suggest that they meet the criteria above will be invited to participate in a telephone interview with members of the recruitment committee. Within one week of the interview, you will be notified of the committee's decision. Candidates who are invited to the next stage will be invited to come, at NCADV's expense, for an in-person interview with the full Board at the next scheduled Board meeting. Applicants are then notified by mail about the Board's decision following that interview.

How Do I Apply to the Board of NCADV?

  • Read the Responsibilities, Qualifications and Commitments (click here to read, PDF format)

  • Send a letter to detailing your interest in joining the Board

  • If you have not received a confirmation of your application after 30 days, please feel free to contact the NCADV Board Recruitment Committee at

What if I'm not selected?
Sometimes the recruitment committee receives applications from wonderful women with a strong commitment to the battered women's movement, but whose applications do not tell us that they will fill the needs of the Board at this time. If you are not asked to join the Board, please understand that our decision is not a judgment on your commitment to battered women, or your understanding of the issues of domestic violence. Even if you are not asked to interview or to join the board, you are an important member of NCADV. Please reach out to us and tell us that you want to be involved. Our members are the strength of NCADV. We will let you know of other ways that you can be of service to NCADV and the Movement.

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