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Queer People of Color Caucus Statement

July 14, 2004 Statement

The QPC caucus of the NCADV has taken on work for ourselves, some to be addressed among ourselves, some to be addressed with the larger community of the National Coalition. Among these are:

  • That we accept and expect that the white LBTW community of NCADV will be our allies. To do this they must "pay some dues," that is, they must see, own and work out ways to divest themselves of entitlement and white privilege.
  • Addressing the issue of safe space, and our understanding that as long as there is oppressions, all spaces are perilous.
  • Making antiviolence communities, including NCADV safer for QPC.
  • Inviting new thinking and analysis of DV in QLBTW communities.
  • Addressing our trans politics.
  • Enhancing linkages between QPC in state level caucuses and other QPC nationwide.

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