National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

NCADV and Libera partner to provide the Domestic Violence Informational System (DVIS) to shelter programs nationally

New DVIS features coming soon!

NCADV and Libera, Inc., a software development company offering information systems and case management solutions, have come together to provide a critical shelter program data tracking system that we hope will streamline your process for recording and tracking critical, non-confidential data about your programs and the victims you serve. The Domestic Violence Informational System (DVIS) will give you access to your information in real time and will enable you to pull reports, review trends, and record and review data all with a click of a button.  With it, information you need for State, Federal and other grant funding will be easily accessible and documentation of the work you do to every day to protect women and children from violence will be at your fingertips.

Your data is secure and will only be accessible by you and who you give permission to view your data.

One of the many benefits of this system is that it will allow NCADV to produce annual reports of aggregate data for a nationwide perspective on domestic violence.  This program will allow us to see exactly how many victims have been served in any given time period in the US. Many programs, supporters and media have been asking us for many years for these types of numbers.  We are confident that having true numbers will show how extensive the problem is, how many women, children, and men are effected every year, how many people get turned away, how many crisis calls are answered, and how many nights of shelter are provided. This will provide a comprehensive picture of how effectively grant and donation dollars are spent by local programs all across the United States.

NCADV has spent over a year working with Libera vetting this system and believes it is the best for tracking non-confidential program information. We hope with its use, you find this to be true.

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NCADV and Libera are offering the DVIS program for incredibly affordable rates:

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Non-Member subscription                         $45/month/user

This includes all support and training for each subscriber

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