NCADV's and NOMAS' 2012 Conference Workshop Proposal Submission Form Preserving Our Roots While Looking to the Future

Thank you for submitting a workshop proposal for NCADV's and NOMAS' National Conference on Domestic Violence: Preserving Our Roots While Looking to the Future being held July 21-25, 2012 in Denver, CO at The Doubletree Hotel by Hilton. We are pleased to provide this forum for innovative thought, cutting-edge information and critical discussions aimed at ending domestic violence. We value your expertise and appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences with victims, advocates and service providers across the nation.

As you fill out the following information, please consider how your information will contribute to contributing tangible solutions to ending domestic violence. Also, we ask that you consider NCADV's commitment to diversity and other philosophies as you fill out your submission.

The deadline for workshop submissions Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
Please note: there is no way to save your information and return to this form,
therefore, we suggest you complete it at one time to avoid losing information.

Workshop sessions will be held:
Monday, July 23rd, Tuesday, July 24th, and Wednesday, July 25th (am only)



We ask that you read the linked information regarding our workshop acceptance policy and what we are able to offer presenters at our conference. Please read this first and then check the box below if you would like to proceed.

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*Workshop Description:
Please briefly describe your proposed workshop. You are welcome to copy and paste information into the space below, but we are unable to allow for uploads of information at this time. If you have information that you are unable to include here and you feel it would benefit your proposal, please indicate that below and we will contact you.

*Please list your bio and qualifications below. (Please do not submit a resume or CV.)

*Will there be additional presenters? We ask that no more than three (3) people present during any one workshop.

If so, how many?

*If there are additional presenters for this workshop, please list the contact information and a brief bio for each below. Please enter "none" if you are the only presenter.

*List at least 3 learning objectives of this workshop (please do not list more than 5):

*In what ways will the participant be able to apply what they learn in your workshop to their communities (please limit to no more than 5 responses)?

*How does this workshop encompass the 2010 conference theme, Changing Faces of the Movement?

The 2010 conference theme of Changing Faces of the Movement is meant to stimulate thoughtful dialogue and discussion around the changes, challenges and successes the domestic violence movement has undergone since its beginning over 30 years ago.

We are no longer a small movement of radicals working out of the trunks of our cars and sheltering victims in our own homes. The umbrella of our movement has grown to include the voices and influence of many cultures, ages, faiths, backgrounds and genders. We have become more colorful, savvy and organized politically, culturally and intellectually than when this movement began. Our response is no longer singular in focus as we have learned that combating domestic violence includes addressing, analyzing and responding to the multitude of issues that factor into it. Read the full definition of the conference theme here.

As you complete your workshop submission, we encourage you to keep these thoughts in mind. All submissions will be analyzed for relevance to this and other NCADV philosophies.

*NCADV will be holding 5 topic-specific track sessions over the course of the conference. The track topics are human trafficking, leadership, child custody and domestic violence, men as allies in ending violence, and empowering young people.

Please choose the theme, if any, with which your submission would most closely fit. You may choose more than one theme if needed.

(Please note: if your submission does not tie in with any specific theme, it does not mean your proposal will be rejected).

*How does this workshop address the needs of diverse groups or individuals?

*Workshop Level:

*For this conference, NCADV has alloted 1 hour and 45 minutes for each workshop. We ask that you design your workshop to allow for 20-30 minutes of open discussion following your presentation within this time allotment (ex: presentation is 1 hour and 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes of open discussion). We may be offering some two-part workshops, depending on the submissions we receive.

Please let us know if your presentation works best as a one-part or two-part workshop.

*Please choose the category(ies) into which this workshop would most closely fit.

Other category:

In effort to model true diversity and support groups traditionally marginalized by racism, homophobia, classism and many other oppressions, NCADV asks that you define how you personally have been affected by such marginalization, should you feel comfortable doing so. Please know NCADV reserves the right to give special consideration to presenters identifying with traditionally marginalized groups in effort to give voice to their experiences and provide a diverse forum that reflects NCADV's overall constituency.

Do you personally self-identify with any of NCADV's caucuses? Please check any and all that apply:

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