Contacting NCADV

NCADV's Main Office
One Broadway, Suite B210
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 839-1852
TTY: (303) 839-8459
Fax: (303) 831-9251
Email: (please read this link first if you are seeking promotion of your book, film, play, music or other work or are looking to partner with NCADV in other ways).

NCADV Media Contact:
Ruth Glenn
NCADV Executive Director
(303) 839-1852 x 105, rglenn(at)

*Please note: if you are donating unwanted cell phones or other small electronics, please ship them directly to our recyling partner, Cellular Recycler (3 item minimum required to receive free shipping), rather than NCADV. You can find out more about our recycling program here. Thank you!

NCADV's Public Policy Office
2000 M Street NW, Suite 480
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 467-8714

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Please note: due to NCADV's limited staff availability, we are currently unable to accept books for review, endorsement or partnerships. Please do not send materials to NCADV. If you have written a book and are seeking promotion, you are welcome post your information via our Facebook page: However, please know this invitation does not constitute an endorsement from NCADV.


Ruth Glenn
Executive Director
(303) 839-1852 x 105

Jacquie Gonzales
Administrative Assistant
(303) 839-1852 x 101

Sylvia (Baca) Torralba
Membership Director
(303) 839-1852 x 104
NCADV Membership, NCADV's National Directory of Domestic
Violence Programs and Remember My Name

Maria Luisa O'Neill
Director of Programs and Spanish Language Services
(303) 839-1852 x 109
General information and support, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery program, Spanish translation and communications

Chrissy Krumholz
Director of Finance and Merchandise Operations
(303) 839-1852 x 108

Gretchen Shaw
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Projects
(303) 839-1852 x 107
Partnership development and engagement, project development and delivery (If interested in submitting a partnership or project idea, please click here first)