Partnerships With NCADV

Thank you for your interest in partnering with NCADV. Due to our current limited capacity we are unable to consider new projects, endorsements, or partnerships. We hope to be able consider all opportunities again very soon!

NCADV also applauds the efforts of the many talented authors and artists we frequently hear from. Because of our current inability to respond to requests for support, we ask that you do not mail copies of books, cds, dvds, or other items to NCADV as we are not able to review materials. However, we would like to offer that you post information about your efforts to our Facebook page,

The "SupportNCADV" Facebook page will provide great exposure for your project, as we currently have over 70,000 followers! Of course, this invitation to post your information to the NCADV Facebook page does not constitute an endorsement, but it will allow you to reach a very large audience.

Thank you for your time and interest.